• Q. Inquiries from overseas(海外からのお問合せについて)
    We have global distribution networks in a number of regions that distribute Banpresto products.

    Please find the regional sales office below that is closest to your current location and contact them directly. Please note that the contact address is different depending whether the item in question you wish to inquire about is an arcade prize or a goods lottery (Ichibankuji) item.

    Below is the list of our international customer service contact information:

    -Arcade Prizes-
    Asia (excluding Korea) - Bandai Namco Asia
    Banpresto Customer Service (Asia)

    Korea - Bandai Namco Korea

    United States, Canada and Latin America - Bandai America

    Europe, Africa and Middle East - Bandai France S.A.

    -Ichibankuji Items-
    Banpresto Overseas Strategy Office

    If you have any other inquiries, please contact the Banpresto Overseas Strategy Office.